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Fresh off its recent launch, Kai Kits for Kids has been partnering with varied groups and corporate entities to take the message of health and sanitation to children across Jamaica. To encourage volume buys, Kai Kits now offer co-branding for groups, be it church, schools, youth groups, community groups or companies. 

In fact, what better way to show commitment to the cause than having shared ownership through branding. The co-branded option comes as more groups embrace the personal hygiene messaging and seek alternative gift options for school age children, teenagers and even adults. 

Earmarked for group buys of 50 kits upwards, Kai Kits is happy to add this personalized touch to compliment its message to be clean and healthy. 

Group orders can be made via (876) 310-1653 or kaikit4kids@gmail.com 
<![CDATA[Child entrepreneur launches her hygiene kits for Kids, Eager for collaborations]]>Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:55:02 GMThttp://kaikit4kids.com/blog/child-entrepreneur-launches-her-hygiene-kits-for-kids-eager-for-collaborations
On Friday, August 9, 2019 child entrepreneur Kailee Coombs launched her Kai Kits for Kids to an appreciative and supportive audience. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, Teacher's Association, Combined Cadet Forces, Girls Guides Association and the Builder's Club were all along to offer encouraging words. 

The Kai Kit for Kids which includes a handmade external kit is packed with nine different items including the lemon grass trio of hand sanitizer, hand wash and body lotion which are all made in Jamaica. Other child safe items include: Wipes, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toothbrush cover, Mouthwash and tissue pack. 

For 10 year old Kai, her launch is only the beginning as the young entrepreneur is eager to partner with major companies to encourage group buy of her kits for dissemination to needy students and communities. She also has her eyes on Kai Kits for adults and later babies and toddlers. 

Kai Kits for Kids retail at J$2500 and can be purchased from Monarch Pharmacy in Barbican, Art Connect JA or via the website www.kaikit4kids.com. ​

Enjoy these highlights from the launch..
<![CDATA[Why a Health and Sanitation Kit for Kids?]]>Mon, 17 Jun 2019 02:01:23 GMThttp://kaikit4kids.com/blog/why-a-health-and-sanitation-kit-for-kids
Has your child ever been away at school? church? an event or even at a relative’s home and needed some personal care item and wasn’t able to get access to this?
The Kai Kit for kids is a handy and health conscious brand by 9 year old entrepreneur Kailee Coombs to allow all children to access some of the basic things that can keep them clean and healthy at all times.  As explained by Coombs,  “Children need to have ways to protect their health wherever they go because you never know when stuff will happen“.

In line with her vision, Kai Kit will feature handy mini kits for girls and boys that can often fit into a backpack and will empower and enable them to freshen up and protect themselves from germs and other illnesses while they are out and about.

Imagine that you are at school and you have a messy situation.  You can always reach into your Kai Kit for one of the many things that will help you be be clean and healthy“.  Coombs notes.

Even at 9 years old, she is fully aware of contagious illnesses such as hand, foot and mouth disease and shares that each Kai Kit will definately include compact and easy to use hand soaps to encourage children to wash their hands at all times.

As for the other items in the Kit, Coombs noted that the kit includes  items that can be used by both girls and boys.  All of these items will help both girls and boys to fight lots of flu viruses and other illnesses that they can pick up just from playing with other children or being in public places”. she said